Modern Pink Glass

Peach colored pink glass is most well known for the patterns and pieces created and distributed during the depression era. But there has been pink glass made in that color, and others before and since. Not all pink glass is depression glass, only those pieces made during the depression are actually depression glass. One of the most popular current makers of colored glass dinnerware is Arcoroc of France.

The photo above is of a popular pattern made by Arcoroc. It's most commonly called Pink Swirl. There are a lot of auctions listing this Arcoroc pattern as Rosaline, but you may also see Rosaline in boxes from the company Luminarc. This can look a bit confusing but they are actually the same parent company. Other names they use are Arc Int'l and Arcopal.

Pink Swirl is often now sold as depression glass, but it was originally sold in the early 1980's and 90's. I use this set for my everyday dishes.

Glasses, Stemware and Pitchers

The first pieces of pink swirl I acquired were a set of the glasses on the far right of the photo to the left. I bought them new in a gift store on Last Chance Gulch, in Helena, Montana in about 1984. These glasses are 5 1/4 inches tall. I also purchased a set of the rocks glass in this pattern, one is pictured in the middle of the photo, though all my original ones were broken and this is a replacement. It's 3 inches tall. The taller glass on the left of the photo is the same pattern. I purchased the rocks glass with 2 other glasses which I thought were going to be the same size as my others, and was very pleasantly surprised that they were a taller glass in the same pattern. They are 6 inches. None of these glasses are marked Arcoroc or France, the 2 common markings that identify this glass, but they are from the same set. They're delicate and break easily. They aren't incredibly common like most pieces from this set. I looked for more of them for years and finally found some on eBay. Though none of the ones I've found on eBay have ever been listed as Arcoroc or French glass.

The second pieces I acquired were the wine glasses. These were a gift from my mother shortly after I had bought the above glasses. There are still a lot of the wine glasses around. They are thick and the glass holds up very well. Arcoroc made a number of pieces of stemmed glassware in this pattern. There is a larger water glass, a champagne flute, a desert dish and a small cordial which is pictured with the wine glass to the right. The wine glasses are 5 3/4 inches tall and the cordials are 4 inches.

To the left is a pitcher. It's 8 1/2 inches tall. I bought mine at a discount store in the early 90's. It doesn't match the pink swirl glasses I had originally purchased. It does have a set of glasses that goes with it though. These are newer glasses that I believe were sold under both names. The newer glasses and the older glasses both have the swirls but the new ones don't have the little flared out section at the bottom like the older Arcoroc ones. The newer drinking glasses are often found on auction web sites, along with the wine glasses and the other stemmed pieces, which all seem to match. Below is a photo of one of the newer sets, the Luminarc Rosaline set in the box.

I found 3 small juice glasses that are very similar to the ARcoroc pieces. One is shown at right. They are 3 1/2 inches tall. I thought the juices might be a match until I compared them together. The juices swirl pattern goes up to the top of the glass, unlike the Arcoroc which ends before the top on the glasses, and has a scalloped edge on the plates and bowls. And most important of all the swirl goes in the opposite direction. I don't know what pattern these glasses are and they could very well be older glass.

There are many other pink sets of glassware produced after the depression, to the present day. 3 other patterns are shown below. The glass to the far left is a very simple, with no design, just a straight up and down glass I found at a thrift store, it's 5 1/2 inches tall. The 2 in the center are a tumbler and a rocks glass. The tall one is 5 1/4 inches and the rocks glass is 4 inches tall. They are somewhat heavy. I bought these new at a MacFrugals store in the early 90's. They are marked with an L on the bottom. I've seen some like them for sale recently but the color is a more violet pink. The glass to the right has a tight swirl pattern. It's 5 1/4 inches tall. It's a very heavy glass but somewhat prone to tipping over. I believe this may be Italian glass but it isn't marked.


This is the first type of modern dinnerware I acquired in the early 1990's. I used these plates with the Arcoroc Pink Swirl glasses. I can't remember where I got these. They are marked Vereco and France. Some include different 2 digit numbers under France, but not all of them have a number. The plates are 91/4 inches across. The design has swirl like pattern with the swirls having three progressive sizes, 2 small swirls that are clear pink and a larger swirl that is textured on the back, this repeats around the edge. I haven't seen any other pieces from this pattern, or seen any other glass marked Vereco. Though it's my understanding that Vereco is another French glass company and, like Arcoroc, they still produce glass. On an internet search I did find a wholesale company that deals in their product, but no retail sites listed.

About a year after the Vereco plates found their way into my set, I found these Rose design pieces at K-Mart, the bowl, on the left and mug, below right. These dishes were sold individually as open stock. They were also made by Arcoroc. The mugs were marked but the bowls weren't.

The rose and leaves in this pattern are smooth and clear, while the other areas are textured, like the Vereco plates. There's a close up of the rose below. The edges of the bowls are scalloped. The bowls are about 6 1/4 inches across and about 2 inches high. The mugs are about 4 inches tall.

There were also plates and probably other pieces in the Rose pattern. I used the Rose bowls and mugs, the Vereco plates and Pink Swirl glasses as a set for a number of years. I did recently thin the Vereco plates, and Rose bowls and mugs out of my collection to make more space.

I don't know if the Pink Swirl place settings came out at the same time that the first glasses did. The first pieces that I had were the glasses, and rocks glasses, the wine glasses, cordials and serving bowls. All of these were purchased from the same gift shop during the same time period.

To the left are some of the pieces from the dinnerware set; the dinner plate, cup and saucer. There is also a salad plate that's slightly smaller than the dinner plate. I bought the dinner plates by the dozen new in the mid 1990's, mail order from Sears. The dinner plates are marked Arcoroc, a number and France, and are 8 3/4 inches across. The salad plate is 7 3/4 inches. The saucer is marked Arcoroc France and has a number. It's 5 1/2 inches across. The cup is 2 1/2 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches across the top. It's marked Arcoroc France also and has a number.

There are 3 bowl sizes that I know of for this set. There's a berry or desert bowl that's 4 3/4 inches wide and 1 7/8 inches tall and is marked Arcoroc France. The next size is 5 1/4 inches wide by 2 inches tall and is marked France and a number. The 2 small bowls are shown to the right and below with the large serving bowl. There is another bowl that is also 5 1/4 inches across but taller at 2 3/4 inches. The third bowl is slightly different than the other two also, because it is straight across the top, unlike the 2 smaller ones which have a scalloped edge.

The only serving pieces I know of for this set are bowls. The large one, which is 10 1/4 inches across and 4 inches tall and comes with a silver colored base or without, a medium sized serving bowl which is 9 inches across and a smaller serving bowl, about 7 inches across. The large bowl with the base and one of the smaller serving bowls that has since been broken, were part of the first pieces of Pink Swirl I acquired in the early 1980's. Below the large serving bowl with the silver colored base is pictured with the 2 smallest of the regular bowls.

Often you can find surprises in unusual places when collecting pink glass. The bowl, shown to the right, is a really pretty one and the newest of the pieces shown here. I found these in a warehouse grocery store for $1.00 a piece in 1999. I have often wished I had bought more of the other pieces of glass that I purchased new in the 80's and early 90's.
I made sure I didn't make the same mistake with these and bought 2 dozen of the bowls. We use them everyday with the Pink Swirl dishes. The Pink Swirl bowls are too small for my families appetites. These bowls are marked Indonesia and are 2 1/4 inches tall and 6 3/4 inches across. They have a pretty clear rose design on the bottom of the bowl. The sides are textured. With a husband and 4 boys, I've already lost a few of these rose bowls.

The cup and saucer pictured at left may not actually go together though they are both a plain design pink glass. The cup is 3 1/4 inches across and 2 3/4 inches tall. It's unmarked except for a 0. The only other numbered pieces I've seen were Vereco and Arcoroc. Perhaps the cup is a piece of French glass also. The saucer is marked Indonesia and is 5 1/2 inches across. I picked these pieces up at different thrift shops.

There's another modern pink glass I see frequently on eBay and that's Tiara. I've seen a lot of pink sandwich glass offered that they make. I think they may still be producing glass because I see a lot of their things listed as "new in box." Two interesting pieces I've seen they make in this pattern are a one and 2 tiered bon-bon dish and a wall clock. They also make a set of children's dishes; a plate, bowl, mug, glass and pitcher. There may be other pieces but those are the ones I've seen. The bowl is below, unfortunately mine has a large rim chip.

Other Pieces

There are a lot of other new pieces that are out that aren't part of sets. To the right are 2 of the newer salt and pepper sets that are available now. There are many different new salt and pepper sets. There is a tall set that is reminiscent of the Princess pattern, chicken shaped, people shaped and the 2 pictured are some of them. I've seen both the sets at left with or without different holders. The single shaker was a set until one of my boys broke one. Now it holds the cinnamon. The square set is the one I use now. The square set is also reproduction piece, but there were depression glass shakers made in this pattern also.

Above is a butter dish that I found at MacFrugals. I've seen quite a few of these still for sale on auction and at antique stores.

The lidded jars at left are also new glass. My mom got me these over the course of a few years. I use the one at the left for my sugar jar, which it's filled with in the photo.

The canisters to the right are really neat. When I bought these I saw a tall one for holding spaghetti also, but didn't get it. Wish I would have. These are Italian glass and were purchased at an import store in Mesa, Arizona. I used them for flour and sugar for a long time but eventually the rubber seal wore out on the sugar and then the rim got rough, I stopped using them when I found a sliver of glass in the sugar.

These small candlesticks are also new glass. In addition to many small new candlesticks available there are a lot of beautiful, very decorative ones. I've seen fish, angels and many other designs. There are also a lot of new animal figures made in pink glass, train sets, and animals on bowls in regular sizes and miniature ones. There are also toothpick holders, rolling pins and straw holders. Another interesting modern piece is the glass hand pictured below. It's for storing rings.

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