Pink Princess Depression Glass

The doll size pieces of glass in front of the Princess are newer glass, made in the pattern of Cameo Dancing Girl.
The Princess pattern was made by the Hocking Glass Company from 1931 to 1935. The lovely pattern features a hanging flower design that looks something like a stylized wisteria. Most pieces are octagonal or oval and many have handles. Princess was created in pink, green, dark and light yellow and even a few blue pieces. Many of the pink pieces were also made in a satin or frosted glass. I often see the satin pieces with painted on flowers.

I first fell in love with the footed 5 1/2 inch tumblers in this beautiful pattern. After collecting several I finally decided that this was the pattern I would like to have a complete set of. I'm still working on it but getting closer.

The pieces that are the easiest to find and least expensive are the cups and saucers, the saucers also served as the small sherbet plate. The footed sherbet is also usually fairly inexpensive. Most of the place setting pieces are reasonably available and moderately priced as are most of the serving pieces. There are a few very rare pieces that are generally quite expensive if they can be found at all. Several pieces I've never even seen except as photos in collection books are the ashtray, coaster, and a footed pitcher with matching rounded, rather than the usual somewhat octagonal, footed glasses.

Place setting in Princess include a small 4 1/4 inch berry bowl and a 5 1/4 inch cereal bowl. Plates include the previously mentioned 5 1/2 inch saucer or sherbet plate, an 8 inch salad plate, a 9 inch dinner plate, a 9 inch grill plate, and a larger 10 inch handled grill plate. For drinking there's the cup, and the commonly found 5 1/2 inch footed tumblers. There's also the more rounded footed tumblers at 4 3/4 inches that go with the footed pitcher that are extremely rare, and a larger ice tea footed tumbler that's harder to find and 6 1/2 inches tall. There are also 3 sizes of regular non-footed glasses, in 3 inches for juice, 4 inches for water and a 5 1/4 inch ice tea. The 4 inch size is most common. And finally there are the footed sherbets.

There are quite a few serving pieces. The largest serving bowl is often called the hat shaped bowl. A fairly easy to find oval serving bowl was also made, and a 7 1/2 inch divided relish and very hard to find plain relish. There's an oval 12 inch platter and 10 1/4 inch handled sandwich plate. A creamer and covered sugar bowl were also made, the sugar bowl with the cover is a little hard to find. The salt and pepper shakers are somewhat uncommon and the butter dish with cover is often harder to find. Three pitchers were made, the previously mentioned and very hard to find footed pitcher, and then an 8 inch and 6 inch pitcher were also created that are easier to locate. There is also a cookie jar with cover and a very lovely covered candy dish. And finally there's a large vase that's common and the previously mentioned but very rare ashtrays, and coasters.

Unfortunately the candy dish with cover has been reproduced. I've read that the shakers have also been reproduced. Generally if you spend a lot of time with depression glass you can learn to spot the reproductions. The coloring is often off and the glass just doesn't look right.

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